About us

ROYAL ARC ELECTRODES, an ISO: 9001-2015 (change this) certified company; welds the world with new technologies. Royal Arc was established in 1986. We are one of the leading manufacturers of Manual Metal Arc Welding Electrodes, Copper Coated Solid Wire for Co2 Gas Welding, Steel Welding Wires, Stainless Steel Welding Wires, Stainless Steel Filler Wire, Resin Bonded Abrasive Wheels and (Remove this name) Flux Cored Wires (Mild Steel Flux Cored Wires, Stainless Steel Flux Cored Wires & Hard facing Flux Cored Wires) and Electroslag Strip Cladding

Serving the industry for over two decades, Royal Arc Electrodes has been an established brand in the Welding Industry especially FCW wires & Welding Electrodes. We are the 1st successful manufacturer of Stainless Steel Flux Cored Wire in India. We have served different sectors and fields with an impeccable track record of consistency in product quality and services as well. With time, we also look further for ambitious future by expanding the range of our products, regularly.

The company manufactures wide range of products which include welding consumables which have the trademark ROYAL ARC. These are our registered trademarks produced at the company’s plant that is set up on 287,000 square feet area in Gujarat.

Our Vision

ROYAL ARC ELECTRODES is pursuing its 21st century vision of becoming a true global welding solutions leader that can please its customers throughout the world by means of its innovative welding products and services. To this end, we seek to secure three core capabilities: product leadership, market leadership, and people-centered leadership. This is an ambitious vision which will be achieved through the commitment and participation of every employee within the Royal Arc Group. Our sense of responsibility, integrity and respect being the core values; we aspire to be the supplier of choice, by offering premium products and services, backed up with unrivalled service packages.

Our Mission

  • To be an organization, which effectively utilizes the resources.
  • Takes it as a goal to accomplish the principles of employee’s participation and customer orientation. Supplies superior quality products and services in the welding sector.
  • To use best cost effective manufacturing methods supported by proven, eco-friendly and safe technologies.
  • To be leader in the field of welding.

Why Us

There are several reasons why we are one of the leaders in the industry. Cited below are few of the important features to be highlighted so that you understand why customers choose us.

  • ISO 9001-2015 certified company.
  • Products approved by big giants.
  • Always innovated with updated technologies.
  • Stringent quality assurance test at each level of production.
  • Peace of mind that the product you receive is of the highest quality as we promised.

Global Presence

Royal Arc exports to more than 45 countries worldwide. Global Welding Companies are experiencing an ever changing landscape ripe with challenges and opportunities. In this challenging environment Royal Arc is enhancing its competitive advantages to become a top global player.